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Marta Szabo

BS & MS – Physical Therapy –Co-Director of Rehabilitation

Marta Szabo, BS & MS – Physical Therapy – Co-Director of Rehabilitation

Marta decided to pursue Physical Therapy as a career because of her fascination with the workings of the human brain. Although she enjoys working with all patients, she particularly loves working with patients who have suffered a stroke or a traumatic brain injury. She is inspired by the healing process in these special patients. Being able to make an impact for the better in their lives is fulfilling.

Marta takes pleasure in her work as a Physical Therapist because she feels it is her purpose in life to improve the quality of life for other people. Her experience working with patients who are medically complex prepared her for the setting at Mira Vista, as there is an increasing degree medical complexities in the skilled nursing population. In the summer of 2011, Marta took on the role of Co-Director of Rehabilitation at Mira Vista. The role of DOR allows Marta’s deep passion for improving the lives of others expand to a greater level. Marta loves working with a great team of therapists who have the same vision as she does. It helps her be a more effective force for good, where patients can see and feel that they are cared for.

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